I can’t remember how I was before DBSK

夜空に浮かんだ 星に君が呟いたのは
The words that you murmured to the stars shining in the nightsky さよならじゃないと 今もまだ信じてるよ
We still believe that it is not “Goodbye” 同 じ空の下で 同じ夢を描き
Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream W<ダブル>を探し続けている
We are still searching for the W 同じ形のまま ずっと輝くから
We will always shine in the same shape

a moment of silence for the people whos notp is the most popular ship in what ever fandom they are in

140724 - Jaejoong for Star1 Magazine (August 2014 Issue)

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r u two ok


20/8/2014 Bornfreeonekiss (ice bucket challenge^^)


Kim Jaejoong does the ice bucket challenge

ALS캠페인..일리야 땡큐 좋은일하게 해줘서~제가 지목 

ALS campaign..I did it for the cause. Thank you. Let’s do this good cause~


(INFO) 20/8/2014 Ailee challenges #KimJaejoong for #ALS #IceBucketChallenge

(Trans) Let’s do a good deed together~ challenge!! go go!!

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Minimalist Posters | JYJ - Just Us Album


oh my god this ahjussi


oh my god this ahjussi

140817 - JYJ at Hong Kong Airport heading to Incheon

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